Doctoral Dissertations Supervised

Pahi Saikia, “Protest Networks, Communicative Mechanisms and State Responses: Ethnic Mobilization and Violence in Northeast India” (2009) [currently Assistant Professor of Political Science (tenure-track), Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India]

Sohini Guha, “A party in society: Dalit consciousness, grassroots mobilization, and the Bahujan Samaj Party in North India” (2009) [currently Assistant Professor of Political Science (tenured), University of Delhi, India]

Zeynep Kadirbeyoglu, “Decentralization and democratization: the case of water user associations in Turkey” (2008) [currently Associate Professor of Political Science (tenured), Bogazici University, Turkey]

Gopika Solanki, “Adjudication in religious family laws: cultural, legal pluralism, and women’s rights in India” (2007) [Received Honorable Mention in competition for Best Dissertation Submitted in 2007-9, Canadian Asian Studies Association; currently Associate Professor of Political Science (tenured), Carleton University, Ottawa]

Nasreen Chowdhory, “Belonging In Exile And “Home”: The Politics Of Repatriation In South Asia” (2007) [currently Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Delhi, India]

M.A. Theses/ Research Papers Supervised

Adrian D’Souza, “The Love Jihad Myth as Sexual Threat: Gendered Nationalism, Demography, and Power” (2019) 

Masooma Munir, “Framing of Religion in Pakistani Politics: A Comparative Analysis of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and General Zia-ul-Haq’s Political Tactics” (2018)

Nabila Islam, “Citizenship on the Margins: A Comparative Study of the Urdu-Speakers and the Rohingyas in Bangladesh” (2018)

Parminder Chopra, “Theories of Nationalism and the Formation of Pakistan” (2012)

Alexandra Rallis, “Gendered Ethnicities and Ethno-Sexual Violence in Rwanda and Bosnia” (2010)

Christopher Mariano, “Language policies in the post-colonial world: the role of lingua franca promotion in Tanzania and Indonesia” (2008)

Sonia Aguiar, “Impediments to Reconciliation in Rwanda” (2008)

Shelly Ghai, “Accounting for Different Electoral Outcomes: A Comparative Study of the BJP in India and PAS in Malaysia” (2008)

Megan Gerecke, “Explaining Sexual Violence In Conflict Situations: Preliminary Findings From Bosnia Herzegovina, Rwanda, And Sierra Leone” (2008)

Aparajita Narain, “Water User Associations in Maharashtra, India” (2008)

Jaya Gupta, “Indian Secularism and Minority Rights” (2007)

Moira Patterson, “A Comparison of Gender Relations in South Africa and Chile after Their Democratic Transitions” (2006)

Marie-Eve Reny, “The Political Salience of Language and Religion: Patterns of Ethnic Mobilization among Uyghurs in Xinjiang and Sikhs in Punjab” (2006)

Flannery Brown, “Women, Masculinity and Militarized Nationalism: Hindu Nationalism in India and Tamil Nationalism in Sri Lanka” (2005)

Denise Brennan, “Legacies of Slavery and the Demand for Reparation” (2004)

Hsin-Hui Serena Chang, “Taiwanese Nationalism and the Foreign Policy Making of the Republic of China on Taiwan” (2004)

Inderjit Nijjar, “Immigrant South-Asian Women: Destined to be Dependants?” (2004)

Nathan Naidoo, “Democratic Republic of the Congo in Pursuit of Truth and Reconciliation: Lessons from South Africa” (2004)

Tarini Bedi, “Ethnonationalism and the Politics of Identity: The Cases of Punjab and Assam” (1998)

Valisa Smith, “Refugees in Central Africa” (1998)

Gerard Peters, “Hindu Nationalism in India” (1996)


Graduate Courses:

Politics of Identity (POLI 643) POLI 643 Fall 2014

Political Change in South Asia (POLI 641) POLI 641 fall 2011 *

Undergraduate Courses:

Politics of Ethno-Nationalism in Developing Societies (POLI 423) POLI 423 fall 2014

Identity and Inequality (POLI 435) POLI 435 winter 2015

Politics of Identity in India (POLI 432) POLI 432 Winter 2015

Political Change in South Asia (POLI 322) POLI 322 winter 2014

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